Frequently Asked Questions


I’m color blind. Can I play Evangeline?

Yes! We have created specialized options for color blind players so that you can enjoy the game.

What happened to the free version?

Evangeline had a limited early release where the game was offered for free. We’ve taken the feedback from that to create a sort of “director’s cut” or definitive edition for release on Steam.

I’m a member of the press. How can I reach out?

Send an email to press-at-raconteurgames-dot-com.

I’m not really a gamer. How difficult is this game?

Evangeline is a simple, slow-paced game about going through a routine and exploring a small world. There is no timer, there is no way to die, and nothing will force you to go at any pace other than your own. Even if you aren’t a gamer, please give it a shot!

Will it run on my computer?

We have created several graphical options that should allow it to run on most hardware. If you aren’t sure, try changing the settings when you start the game.

Is the game available on Steam?

Yes, soon! Grab it for $7.99 on February 10th!

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Is it available on Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One?

Evangeline launches on February 10th on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. PS4 and Xbox One versions are not currently planned.

Is there an age rating or recommended age for players of the game?

Evangeline does not contain any mature content, but we feel that the game’s message and goals will be most appreciated by those roughly 20 years of age and older. Younger audiences can certainly play with no issues, but the game is designed for those who have reached at least adulthood due to the complex emotions related to love and loss. Think of Evangeline as the Thestral in Harry Potter: it can only really be seen by those who have lost someone.

I’m having a technical issue!

Please send us an email to, or tweet us (@RaconteurDev).

I’m stuck!

It’s easy to think the tasks in each day are more complicated than they are, so if you get stuck, think “What would I do in real life at this moment”? If you’re still stuck, tweet us (@RaconteurDev).

How do you pronounce Evangeline?

That’s completely up to you. We’re from Lafayette, Louisiana, and we say it as either “ee-van-juh-lynn” or “uh-van-juh-lynn.” Considering the Longfellow poem was about our region, we’ll act as if that’s the correct pronunciation! 😉

Can I stream the game or make videos about it?

Of course!

I’m a content creator. Can I make money off of videos of your game?

You have to eat too, so yes. We do request that you include a link to the game’s website in the description of your video.

I have a deep, symbolic theory about what happens in your game. Is it right?


Do you make other games?

We released a space armada action game called Close Order in 2016. Evangeline is our second game. Check out for more information about the company.

Are you hiring?

Not at this moment, but we’ll post on our website and our social feeds if we are!